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Libraries hold books for FREE and market books which the conventional publishers have declined, usually on an impulse. Anyone who has a book on disc with a brief description of the book of about 250 words, also on disc ,can ask us to publish it.  They will research the key elements of your book and ensure that the meta description and key words that we use to improve your position on the search engines are as powerful as possible.

They ask you to ensure that every page is marked with the copyright symbol and date. There must be a copyright statement at the beginning of the book. Now, Look into this website and send us your manuscript for our Library.They will publish any book including: psychology, depression, therapy, libraries` funders anger management, obsessions, feminism, shopping, sex, self help, fiction, non fiction, war, the sea, adventure,children's, travel, technical and reference.

Your script must be original and you must be able to standby your work, especially in such areas as: survival, therapy, experiences and reference. A successful book on the internet will almost certainly lead to T.V. and other media publicity,eventually leading to a hard copy book publisher approaching you with a contract.

10,000 books are available to choose from, a copy of the new, rare, out-of-print or antiquarian book you require isn't far away. They have a wide range of subjects and invite you to search our book database.
The famous book was published in London by Longman 1826. Being an entirely original and accurate description of all the principal roads in England and Wales with parts of Scotland.8vo pp715, original folding maps.

In the bone-chilling sequel to the No1 Bestseller Darkhouse, NYPD Detective Joe Lucchesi finds himself investigating a bizarre death - not knowing that this is just the latest, and the body count is rising. The MO is horrifying: victims are found by loved ones discarded in their front halls, their mouths and teeth violently disfigured.Who could be doing this, and why?

Joe's problems don't end there, as, battling with physical pain and still working to help his family overcome the trauma of encountering the psychotic 'Duke' Rawlins, he works harder to crack the case. But when the investigation is rocked by tragedy and another victim's life is hanging in the balance, Joe realizes his troubles have barely begun...


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