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A bid for £40k (the maximum allowed) has been submitted to the LASER Foundation to extend the FiiL pilot database to cover 10 public libraries. The two archives and museums partners in the pilot are also covered in the bid, so that they can add more collection descriptions. This bid is lead by the London Libraries Development Agency and includes an element for project staff to undertake the bulk of the collection description work.

A bid to the Fund of the Vice-Chancellor of the University of London for further FiiL project funding (about £50k) is being planned and would enable FiiL to add the collection descriptions of all the libraries of the University of London. If successful, that funding would be available on 1 August 2009.

A bid to the London Grid for Learning is under consideration, to enhance the FiiL database in support of schools, mapping into the national curriculum subjects. For that bid the partners would be drawn from museums, Further Education colleges and public libraries, all of which can be said to support the educational needs of schoolchildren.

The library project has collected records from only a small representative sample of the hundreds of libraries, museums and archives in London, so this is presently only proof of the concept of a comprehensive library service.

The initial pilot project concluded in December 2009  having produced a Final Report with recommendations for further work on libraries and possible funding sources for such work.

Support for libraries has been made available through funding from:

The London Learning Network Group
The M25 Consortium of HE Libraries
The Association of London Chief Librarians
The British Library
The London Metropolitan Network Board

The following organisations are also supporting the project:

London Museums Agency
London Libraries Development Agency
London Archives Regional Council 
London Museums, Archives and Libraries
Further Education Libraries in London


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