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Many different books are in libraries. Using the Research Support Libraries Programme (RSLP) collection level description schema each participating partner in the pilot (2 HE libraries, 2 FE libraries, 2 museums, 2 local authority archives, and 2 public libraries) will identify their subject strengths.

Antique Atlases and Antique Books

This information, together with access information such as geographical location, contact telephone numbers, opening hours and access policies, will populate the database and a front-end web interface will be created. As far as possible the database will glean access information directly from the partners’ own web sites to promote the sustainability of the database and avoid duplication of effort.

Where possible, FiiL will also link directly to other kinds of information on partners’ web sites, for example any breakdown or description of subject collections, to give the requester more detailed information so that he or she can make a more informed decision as to whether those collections will be helpful to him or her.

The pilot project will allow us to test the concept across the various sectors/domains to see if common ground can be found. If successful, the pilot would be used as a basis to put in a bid for funding for a full FiiL tool that would cover all HE, FE and public libraries in London, plus all local authority museums and archives.

This would be a really useful and powerful information tool in support both of researchers and of lifelong learning. From a schoolchild doing a project, up to a professor writing a book, being enabled to think outside their normal information provider (school library, public library, maybe large national museum, college library, or whatever they normally use) and search across a whole range of libraries, archives and museums would be a very valuable service.


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